Peer2Product is an e-commerce application that enables users from all over the world to easily offer their services and products to the web. Peer2Product is available as a service and downloadable software solution.

There are a lot of features that come with Peer2Product such as customizable themes, inter-connected stores, custom payment flows, transport and tax rules and much more.

Simple and Powerful

It's incredibly easy to get started with Peer2Product. Choose a name for your store or business, type in your email and choose a password. That's it. It's just as simple to add products or a service to your store. You choose how and when you want to get paid and Peer2Product takes care of the rest.

If you peek under the hood Peer2Product is packed with powerful features. You can link stores together to create communities and sell each others products.

Outside the Box

With a bit of creativity you could use Peer2Product as a complete commerce system for an entire village community. The cool part? It would be possible to do it without the internet over a local network. Peer2Product is a very flexible system that can provide custom solutions under many conditions!

You Choose

Which services you use and what currencies to accept is up to you. We've integrated a range of payment options and gateways. Get paid in EUR, USD, or even crypto currencies. You decide.

Want to work with a local coin or custom gateway? Let us know what your needs are.

Open Source

Peer2Product is open source. That means there are no upfront costs to use, modify or distribute it. This offers you the freedom to use this product as you see fit.

NOTE: We do charge for services such as hosting where applicable.


It's usualy very easy to run your own node of Peer2Product. That means you host the service on your own server. And results in you having absolute ownership over your store. Interested in hosting your own store? Contact us for more information.

Flat File Storage

Peer2Product comes equiped with a powerful flat file storage system. This means you need no database for your webshop, making it more portable. All you need to get started with your own node of Peer2Product is a web server with hosting software such as Apache or Nginx.

For the people, by the people

To enable individuals, cooperations, communities, businesses and everything in between to have access to an easy to use platform to buy, sell and offer services. To empower "the people" everywhere to participate in a modern global online economy.

Peer2Product aspires to contribute to a decentralized, fair global economy. With equal chances regardless of which part of the world your in!